Somerset Community Clinics

Ganael is proud to be sponsoring the development of low-cost Community Herbal Clinics for the Somerset Region.

These clinics will offer the residents of the Somerset Regional Council area with affordable plant-based medicine through clinics that are supported by each community.


Community supported herbal clinics:

  • provide access to qualified practitioners who understand combining herbs and medication
  • promote existing community healthcare services and link individuals and services
  • support opportunities to educate clients and build their own healthcare knowledge and capacity
  • Rely on the support of local suppliers and organisationsServices that are offered through the Community Clinics may also include:
    educational workshops, herb walks, community herb gardens, basic first aid, chronic health support, wound care, herbal teas, a resource library and referrals to other medical practitioners.

Once members of the community decide to host a clinic, Individuals and

organizations pledge to support and help maintain the clinic by:

  • Hosting a clinic within the community
  • Providing a location for the clinic when it visits
  • Organizing client appointments prior to the clinic visit
  • Maintaining the community herb garden
  • Participating in workshops and training events
  • Becoming a client of the clinic
  • Donating equipment and funds used in the clinic

Clinic fees are developed with the principle that no-one in need is turned away.  However, a small contribution (either a flat fee or sliding scale structure)  is expected to ensure that clinic resources are available to all.

Being mobile, the clinic can be set up where-ever the community determines is a suitable location. This can include a park, community hall, coffee shop, library or other venue.

The clinic will make regular visits to participating communities. Clients will be able to access follow-up care including referral to local providers to help them work towards their longer-term health goals.